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How Does it Work?


Install it as a Google Chrome Extension

Our easy to use click to call Chrome Extension allows you to dial automatically from any CRM or website.

Install it as a Google Chrome Extension
Start Making & Receiving Calls with Team Members


Start Making & Receiving Calls with Team Members

Simply click any phone to start dialing, no missed dials. Receive and log incoming calls.


Track and Record Your Calls

Daily reports and call history across you team to show excatly how many calls you making.

Track and Record Your Calls

How ClicktoCall.io Can Make
Me More Sales?

More Time, More Sales & no Errors

More Time, More Sales
& no Errors

With a quick click of the mouse, your reps can make calls faster so they can convert more clients. No more mis-dialed numbers — every call connects on the first try.

Integration Across CRMs

Integration Across CRMs

ClickToCall works seamlessly with all web-based CRMs so you don’t have to start from scratch with new data.

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Insights for Better Decision-Making

Insights for Better

ClickToCall can automatically track and save calls so you can identify opportunities to improve your workflow and develop your employees.

Unlimited Pre-Recorded VoiceMails

Unlimited Pre-Recorded

If the client doesn’t answer, leave a pre-recorded voicemail instantly so you can move on to the next call. Record unlimited voice mails so your reps can leave the right message and increase your chances for a call-back.

Better Customer Support

Better Customer Support

Our dedicated support team have learned from the millions of minutes already dialed through ClicktoCall.io. Support requests are handled in a timely manner making sure you can spend more time making calls not making sure the system works.

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